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龍が如く ONLINE-ドラマティック抗争RPG Mod APK 3.2.6 (Weak enemy)

龍が如く ONLINE-ドラマティック抗争RPG Mod APK 3.2.6 (Weak enemy)
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[Game Introduction]
A dramatic warfare RPG with characters from the "Dragon: Unleashed" series!
Packed with characters that take you out of the series, you'll love the unique features of Soshage!

■ A brand new story with a completely new story from "Dragon as Studio"!
All of the staff of "Dragonal Studios" from the all-time favorite series are here to bring you all the best to develop your app!
Reveal stories not seen in the Dragons series and unknown episodes of the all-time popular characters!

1, Start new chapter! Second Part ~ Yellow Dragon Wandering ~
A story of when you were young, with the main character from Tsubasa Goda, the popular character from the “Dragon: Way” series.
Dragon lord who is suddenly notified of the gate and expelled from the thug society. To travel the country, make the wandering journey ……
What awaits him ahead?…?

2, Story of the New Hero
A story of the hot men who are making a mortal battle in the underworld, centered on the new hero "Karusichi No." What is the fate awaiting at the end of the great war set in Tokyo, Godo-town…
"Harashi Day No.1" becomes a prisoner in the meantime and is going to enter the prison as a substitute. Years have passed, and the spring day we have been free for 17 years is waiting for you to see the old city, which has become a changed city, and the Aura river has its own gun point…….

3, The first Story like a Dragon to play story!
This is the Dragon Mode game mode, which features the first creator of Dragon Racing to entertain you. !
This is the origin of the “Dragon” series, and this RPG game brings you a human drama where you will face your “Dragon Island” and a single girl, and continue your destiny.

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■ Easy to pick up! Exhilarating! ! BATTLE BATTLES! !
Brawl battles in the style of the world unique to Dragons! Master the fight!
Collect legendary characters, form your own crew, and conquer Godmother Town!

■ New feature! Superhero system has been introduced!
Join your favorite parent team and gather all your members to climb them to number 1!
Listen to your parents with your contribution to the team! Get a special treat!

■ Negotiate the girls you aim for in the cabbage club!
Many elements of the series are familiar!
Join the lovely girls in a hot night city!

■ Recommended for those who like dragon ON ONLINE!

-Those who love "Like the Dragon" series
-Those who want to enjoy the game as a dragon for free
-People who have played Dragon Game: TV Game
-Those who want to enjoy the original Story of Dragons
-Those who have a passion for characters like
-Those who have played SEGA TV games before
-Those who love movies and novels with mafia and gangster
-Those who love classic movies and special drama
-Those who want to play games with thugs, deeds, and Yankees
-Those who like mafia gangster fight work
-Those who love characters from Apparel, Bad, or Runaway tribes
-Those who want to experience a rise in the thug world
-Those who want to enjoy thug fighting battles
-Those who want to enjoy an easy and exhilarating brawl battle
-Those who love quiz games, runner-up games, and bad games
-Those who want to feel the top of the yacht in the game
-Those who are looking for a game with a lot of solo play
-Those who want to enjoy easier and more exhilarating battles than strategic games
-Those who love RPGs(Role Playing games)
-Those who love character development games
-Those who want to enjoy quests and GVG games
-Those who are looking for an easy and funny RPG for beginners
-Those who are looking for games with lots of events, such as collaborations, anniversary anniversaries, seasonal events, etc.
-People who are looking for a popular or highly rated online game
-Those who are looking for a fun game with gacha

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————————————————— ————————————
Dragons Online ONLINE
Official Site: https://ryu.sega-online.jp/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/RyuOnline_PR
It is like a dragon.com: http://ryu-ga-gotoku.com/

龍が如く ONLINE-ドラマティック抗争RPG Mod APK 3.2.6 (Weak enemy)
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