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Gibbon Slacklines v4.7.10 (Unlocked)

Gibbon Slacklines v4.7.10 (Unlocked)
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GIBBON Slacklines, worldwide market leaders in Slackline products have designed this app to enable anyone regardless of their balance skills to enjoy and learn slacklining. The App will teach you how to Slackline and how to progress with your skills and possibilities, but also invite you to use slacklining as an effective way to get fit. In cooperation with the therapy experts: “Medical Slackline Concepts” the GIBBON App provides you with a personal coaching feature, which trains your fitness in combination with your coordinative skills. In addition to signing up to the GIBBON App you will become a member of the global Slackline community allowing you to socialize and take part in a unique lifestyle. Connect with open minded slackline family from all over the world and a guarantee to enjoy the adventures which come with slacklining. The GIBBON App is completely free!

Main benefits:

– Learn to balance and walk on a Slackline
– Improve your Slackline skills
– Get fit and train your strength and coordination while having fun
– Record your stats and collect points with video proofs
– Share your progress and experience with the community
– Follow the global slackline family and take part in their actions
– Product overview and product specific shopfinder

Main functions of the GIBBON App:

– Beginners video tutorial
8 years of experience to provide you the easiest possible way to learn to balance and walk on a slackline.
our message: anyone can learn to balance with this tutorial!

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– Fitness guide
Enjoy a free video based, customizable fitness program with 3 different difficulty levels.
(Works ideally with the GIBBON fitness product range)

– Product page
Overview of products from the GIBBON family. Product specific store and online shop finder worldwide!

– Community hub
all Facebook, Twitter, Youtube channels of the GIBBON Family packed into one filter based overview. Be always up to date and don´t miss attractive offers and activities which GIBBON has to offer together with the global Slackline family. Take part in sharing content and having your posts added to this hub.

Gibbon Slacklines v4.7.10 (Unlocked)
Download Gibbon Slacklines v4.7.10 (Unlocked) 
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