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我要渡劫啦!不一樣修仙2 Mod APK 1.4.81 (Free purchase)(Mod Menu)

我要渡劫啦!不一樣修仙2 Mod APK 1.4.81 (Free purchase)(Mod Menu)
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【Different hang-up mentality】
One second in the fairy world, one year in the human world, and the accumulation of ten thousand years of cultivation base is exchanged for the transcendence of calamity. Want to improve longevity and longevity? Or make a million gold in seconds and become a billionaire? Hanging up determines the training speed, placing it determines the timing of transcending the calamity, and leaving everything to the heart and destiny!

[Not the same as becoming a fairy and entering the devil]
Cultivating faction mentality, choosing a good and evil position, and then completing the entrusted task to get good and evil points! Other games can only cultivate immortals, but we have to be different! If I become a demon, what can I do to Xiannai, and the formation of a demon, no one can stop me!

【Different adventures and surprises】
Immortal journey is long, the first second is ordinary, and the next moment triggers adventure and surprise. As the choice determines the direction of the plot, challenge the interactive mini-games, unlock fairytales, and become a fairyland Bai Xiaosheng!

【Different Dongfu Heaven and Earth】
If you want to become immortal, the magic weapon is indispensable! Looking for the mysterious cave, planting fairy grass to absorb the spiritual energy, picking and eating to enhance the cultivation, or selling it in the store, the gold will be in your pocket! You can also develop spirit beasts to help you improve your cultivation, and accompany you all the way on the road to immortality!

【Official Information】
"I'm going to cross the robbery! "Different Xiuxian 2" official fan group: https://www.facebook.com/BecomeGod2/

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※The content of the game is listed as the 12th level of tutoring according to Article 7 of the game software classification management method.
※This game is free to use, and the game also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items
※Please pay attention to the game time to avoid addiction

Mod Menu 1. Free In-App Purchase 2. Gold Multiplier
我要渡劫啦!不一樣修仙2 Mod APK 1.4.81 (Free purchase)(Mod Menu)
Download 我要渡劫啦!不一樣修仙2 Mod APK 1.4.81 (Free purchase)(Mod Menu) 
Mod Menu 1. Free In-App Purchase 2. Gold Multiplier
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